Western Tactical [WTAC] is a rapidly growing player outfit on the Connery server with ranks for both casual and competitive players. We support team play, helping both our outfit and the whole NC defeat the enemy.

Western Tactical Logo[WTAC] Western Tactical 20px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.pngActive Members: 400+
Outfit Tag WTAC
Website Western Tactical Facebook
Active Members 400+
Recruitment Topic TBA
Wiki Page Western Tactical Wiki
Statistics Outfit stats at
Language English
Specialization Galaxy Ops; Art of War; Warpgate Parties
Age Requirement None, just act mature
Microphone Requirement / VOIP Software Recommended, not required
Invited Both competitive & casual players
VOIP TeamSpeak 3
Alliance United Conglomerate Alliance
In-Game Contact DrMoneypants, Anethual, Sanda2, Dipnoi
Server Connery
Western Tactical




New Conglomerate




Westerm Tactical Facebook

In-Game Contact:



Both competitive & casual players

What to ExpectEdit

Western Tactical takes all kinds. We have tons of great officers, and we also invite new players and teach them the ropes. Whether you're a serious strategist or you just like to play casually, you're bound to have fun in WTAC!

We support TeamSpeak 3, but it is not required.


We love to coordinate with other outfits! To contact WTAC, use /tell DrMoneypants or /leader to organize an operation with us, or just to ask questions if you're considering joining us.


Western Tactical Facebook

Rank StructureEdit

Note: Rank requirements include requirements of all previous ranks. Attributes are not necessarily continuous.

Rank Title Attributes Requirements Responsibilities Automatic Promotion Notes
AdvisorStrong leaderMic requiredCoordinate outfit activitiesNoneOpen to promotion
OfficerStrong leaderSpawn beacon required; Mic recommendedCommand platoons, assist AdvisorNoneTeamSpeak 3 Required
Sundy KillerGood communicatorSpawn beacon recommended; Mic recommendedDestroy sundies, relay tactical informationKill difficult sundiesNone
GrenadierCooperative team playerFollows orders, communicatesImportant battle & support dutiesComplete at least one outfit trainingNone
RecruitReady to play PlanetSide 2!AMS Sunderer recommendedHave fun, follow ordersNoneImpress us to get promoted!

See AlsoEdit

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