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Fire RateEdit

Rounds per Minute The theoretical[1] amount of bullets the weapon capable to fire in a minute.

Muzzle Velocity Edit

The speed of the bullet, this can , with the exception of most Vanu weapons, affect the "bullet drop".

ADS Move Speed Multiplier Edit

How much will slower your movement when you Aim Down Sights.

Damage Edit

Damage multipliers Edit

  • Head: 1.5x — Shotguns, NC Max Shotguns, Jackhammer, T7 Mini-Chaingun and NS Crossbow, 2.1x — Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, 2.0x — for everything else.
  • Body: 1.0x
  • Leg: 0.9x

Indirect Damage Edit

Area damage dealt by explosives.

Reload Speed Edit

  • Short reload — Reload time if you contain at least one bullet in the chamber.
  • Long reload — Reload time if you shot all of the bullets.

Ammunition Edit

Magazine Size and Ammunition Pool.

Accuracy Edit

The Accuracy or Cone of Fire is the cone that represent spread of the bullets fired from the weapon. Overall weapon accuracy is determined by two separate mechanics: Recoil and Cone of Fire.

Your starting Cone of Fire depends on your stance, whether you are moving or standing still, and whether you're aiming down sights or firing from the hip. When you fire, your CoF will increasingly grow (bloom) with each shot, at a rate listed in Bloom per Shot field.

When you stop firing, CoF will shrink back to the minimum CoF for your current stance, after a small delay, usually equal to the refire time.

Size of the crosshair roughly indicates the size of your CoF when hip firing, but there is no way to ascertain your CoF when you aim down sights.

First few fired shots are the most accurate. During automatic fire, eventually you have to stop firing to let your CoF reset. How soon - depends on distance to the enemy and weapon accuracy stats.

Bloom per Shot Edit

How much size of the CoF increase per shot.

Recoil Edit

The amount of "kick" weapon have, represented by numbers.

Vertical Recoil Edit

The amount of "kick" upwards.

Horizontal Recoil Edit

The amount of "kick" to left/right.

Recoil Decrease Edit

How fast weapon recovers from the recoil after you stop firing.

First Shot Recoil Multiplier Edit

How much more first round kicks.

References Edit

  1. In most cases limited by the magazine capacity

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