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Overview Edit

The Warp Gate is the single most important base an empire controls on any continent, for it is impossible to capture. It acts as an initial staging area and foothold, as well as a hub to other continents. Players can find everything they need here to start a push inland. So join a squad, organize a push, or just meet some new friends and begin your trek inland.  Travel between Warp Gates on other continents can be accomplished here via terminals with the globe icon.

Enemies cannot enter the Warp Gate - any hostile forces attempting to approach it will be obliterated automatically, the shield dome completely blocks enemy weapons fire, you are however, susceptible to friendly fire. These features make the Warp Gate an ideal position to regroup and counter-attack, as any force can be safely assembled. In the other hand the other team cannot enter your warp gate

PlanetSide 2 Tours The Warp Gate-103:22

PlanetSide 2 Tours The Warp Gate-1

Base MapEdit


Basic StrategyEdit

The Warp Gate is essentially just a staging area for each continent. It contains everything players need to get started and, thanks to being impossible to capture, there really isn't much strategy involved here. It is a good idea for players to immediately hit up one of the equipment terminals to choose their initial loadout for the trek inland. The Light Assault or Heavy Assault are solid choices for attacking the initial location. If your empire is already established on the continent, you can really just roll whatever you are comfortable with.  

The Warp Gate is typically very busy so it is a good idea to spend a few minutes making friends and possibly organizing or joining another player's push. PlanetSide 2 is a very team oriented game so it is vital to work together or your Empire simply won't get anywhere. Players that enjoy being a "lone wolf" can choose a class like an Infiltrator at this point and look for a busy location to creep along the outside of to get some easy kills. This allows them to work to their strengths while still being an asset to the team.

Vehicle StrategyEdit

There are quite a few vehicle terminals scattered around the Warp Gate, but that does not necessarily mean it is a good idea to grab one right away. Players should always check the map to determine whether or not to grab a vehicle here or use the instant action options that are available to get closer to the fight before doing so. Players can grab an aircraft here, as well. In general, grabbing a vehicle is not a great idea unless there is an initial push toward a base.

If there is a fight near the Warp Gate, grab something like the Flash or Lightning. These are vehicles players can use to get to the fight quickly and cause some serious damage or simply just cap a base and move on. It is also a good idea to grab a Sunderer or Galaxy here to avoid most of the fighting before you are able to get into a good position. 

If the enemy is pushed right to the boarder of the Warp Gate in an attempt to capture the continent, there are teleporters at the Warp Gate that connect to the towers on the outskirts of the Warp Gate. 

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