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Every vehicle and the MAX unit has resistance to various types of damage, and the Lightning, Prowler, Vanguard, Magrider, Sunderer, Harasser and ANT have directional armor.

Armor Edit

Armor is a percent of damage that is mitigated when an armored vehicle takes damage from a certain direction. Incoming damage is reduced by the listed percentage values. For example, damage dealt to the rear armor of tanks is more effective. C4 And Tank mines ignore armor. The direction used in the calculation is based on the position of the player dealing the damage, not which part of the recipient's vehicle is hit.

Directional Armor Resistance
Lightning DiagramLightning Prowler DiagramProwler Magrider DiagramMagrider Vanguard DiagramVanguard Sunderer DiagramSunderer Harasser DiagramHarasser ANT DiagramANT
Front 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Top 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Side -15% -15% -15% -15% 0% 0% 0%
Rear/Underside -100% -100% -100% -100% 0% 0% 0%

Additionally, Valkyries take 50% less damage from the bottom, and Liberators take 20% less damage from the bottom.[1][2][3]

Damage resistance Edit

Damage resistance is a value that can either decrease or increase incoming damage from various types of weapons. A resistance of 100% means the vehicle is not affected at all. A positive number means incoming damage is reduced by that percent. A negative number means incoming damage is multiplied by that percent, dealing extra damage.

Infantry have 0% resistance to all damage types, meaning they take normal damage from everything.

History Edit

  • November 18, 2016 Hotfix
    • Sniper Rifles (not the Archer) now use the small arms resistance type.
  • June 14, 2017 Hotfix
    • ANT/Sunderer resistances have been returned to their Live values prior to the June 8 hotfix.
  • September 26, 2017 Update
  • September 28, 2017 Hotfix
    • Harasser
      • C4 resistance from -140 to -75
      • Dev Note: This change means the Harasser now goes to burning in one brick, instead of death. Equipping composite armor will keep a single brick from setting the Harasser to burning.
    • Archer Resistances
      • Galaxy resist (40) from -50 to 25
      • Liberator resist (40) from -50 to 0
  • October 19, 2017 Update
    • Air to Ground Warheads
      • Dev Note: Some A2G warhead resistance (type 23) values were skewed from where they were intended to be. The following changes will increase the durability of the listed vehicles against Hornets, Zephyr, and Dalton weapons.
      • Galaxy resist 23 (A2G warhead) from -25 to 25
      • Liberator resist 23 (A2G warhead) from -150 to 25
      • Valkyrie resist 23 (A2G warhead) from -140 to -50
    • Anti-Materiel Rifle
      • Dev Note: Anti-materiel rifle (type 40) received some adjustments to lighten the impact on certain types hard targets.
      • MBT resist 40 (archer) from 20 to 40
      • Lightning resist 40 (archer) from 20 to 40
      • Sunderer resist 40 (archer) from 25 to 40
    • Walker resistances
      • Flash resist 22 (walker) from 25 to 50
      • ANT resist 22 (walker) from 90 to 85
      • Sunderer resist 22 (walker) from 90 to 85
      • Lightning resist 22 (walker) from 90 to 85
      • MBT resist 22 (walker) from 90 to 85
      • ESF resist 22 (walker) from 35 to 50
      • Valkyrie resist 22 (walker) from 70 to 75
      • Galaxy resist 22 (walker) from 75 to 80
  • October 24, 2017 Hotfix
    • Event NPCs (Pumpkins/Snowmen)
      • Pumpkin and Snowman resist 2 (small arms) from 0 to 50
      • Pumpkin and Snowman resist 40 (anti-materiel rifles) from 0 to 50
  • November 20, 2017 Update
    • ESF
      • Resistance 23 (Air to Ground Warhead) from -140 to -75
      • Resist type 28 (AP Chaingun) from 75 to 65
      • Dev Note: The A2G warhead adjustment decreases the damage of each shot from an A2G warhead weapon, like the Zephyr, Dalton, or Hornet Missiles, but Zephyr and Dalton have had their damage buffed to counter-balance the adjustment, while Hornets go from 3 hits to kill to 4 hits to kill. The AP chaingun resist adjustment reduces the staying power ESF have primarily against a Liberator's Shredder, but this also affects the Tank Buster, the Valkyrie's Hellion, and other vulcan-like weapons.
    • AV MANA Turret (Engineer)
      • Resistance from 23 (Air to Ground Warhead) to 34 (Infantry Rocket Launcher)
      • Dev Note: AV MANA Turret was somewhat left behind during the original CAI update. This resistance type adjustment bumps up the damage, bringing it closer to being in line with infantry rocket launchers, and creating a better trade-off for Engineers making use of the turret.
  • December 13, 2017 Hotfix
    • Sunderer and ANT Resistances
      • Resist type 23 (Air to Ground) from 25 to 0
      • Dev Note: Against Dalton, this keeps Sunderers at 4 shots to crit and 5 to kill, and Blockade Sunderers remain 5 shots to kill. Zephyr and Hornets go from 11 to crit and 14 to kill to 8 to crit and 10 to kill. For ANTs, Dalton stays the same 4 shots to kill, while Zephyr and Hornets go from 9 shots to crit and 11 to kill down to 7 shots to crit and 8 to kill.
    • ESF Resistances
      • Resist type 23 (Air to Ground) from -75 to -125
      • Dev Note: This compensates for the damage reduction on the Liberator, and moves ESF a bit further along in the burning state when getting hit once by a Liberator round (2635 damage per shot previously to 2700 damage per shot now.) Zephyr goes from 4 shots to kill to 3 shots to kill. Hornets go from 4 shots to kill to 3 shots to kill.
    • Valkyrie Resistances
      • A2G resistance from -50 to 0
      • Dev Note: Coupled with the reduced Dalton damage, this changes Dalton from 2 shots to kill to 2 shots to crit and 3 shots to kill; Zephyr from 4 shots to kill to 5 shots to crit and 6 to kill; and Hornets from 4 shots to kill to 5 to crit and 6 to kill.
      • Resist type 8 (Aircraft Nosegun) from 75 to 80
      • Dev Note: This change slightly lengthens the time to kill against Valkyries with noseguns alone, providing a bit more survivability.
  • February 8, 2018 Update
    • Harasser
      • Tank Cannon (type 7) resistance from -20 to -50
      • Dev Note: In most cases, this reduces the number of main cannon shots to kill a Harasser by one.
  • April 5, 2018 Update
    • Galaxy
      • Resistance type 12 (Flak Explosive) from -120 to -50
      • Dev Note: This increases kill time from a dual burster MAX from about 24 seconds to 36 seconds. For comparison, pre-CAI, the TTK of a burster max was roughly 38 seconds. An MBT/Harasser's Ranger versus the vehicle follows a similar pattern, from 26 seconds TTK to 39 seconds TTK.
    • Liberator
      • Bottom armor from 50% to 20%
      • Resistance type 12 (Flak Explosive) from -130 to -75
      • Dev Note: Not taking the belly armor into consideration, the new Flak resistance increases the Liberator's time to kill versus a dual burster MAX from roughly 15 seconds to 22 seconds. With the addition of default Afterburner, the vehicle's ability to get in and out of combat made it less necessary to lean on the belly armor as a defense mechanism. We've reeled in that benefit, from 50% to 20%, which also helps make air to air combat less tedious. Dalton shots to kill versus another Liberator's belly armor, for example, goes from a 9 shot kill to a 6 shot kill.
    • Valkyrie
      • Resistance type 12 (Flak Explosive) from -126 to -100
      • Dev Note: Valkyrie is the vehicle most prone to keeping its belly armor facing a damage source, and most likely to break line of sight with threats due to the vehicle's agility. Even so, we wanted to give the vehicle a bit more breathing room in those close situations.

Reference Edit

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