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Vehicles can be resupplied with ammunition for their weapons at three types of locations. Ammo is replenished over time by being in the vicinity of one of these structures or vehicles.

Ground Vehicle Ammo Resupply TowersEdit

Tech Plant -Veh Ammo Resupply Tower

These towers can be found at all major bases, large outposts and most smaller outposts (with the exception of a few on Esamir).  Unlike enemy Ammunition Packages, Ground Vehicles cannot be resupplied from enemy controlled Ammo Towers.  These towers also provide moderate cover for Infantry and Vehicles alike, but are easily flanked.

They will appear on your minimap with this icon: Icon Vehicle Resupply

Air Vehicle Resupply PadsEdit

Tech Plant -Tower external 32

Resupply landing pads appear as either large hexagonal pads on Tech Plants and some large outposts or as landing pads attached to Biolabs and towers.

They will appear on your minimap with this icon: Icon Aircraft Resupply

Vehicle Ammo Dispenser SunderersEdit

Ammo Dispenser Cert Icon

Both air and ground vehicles can have their ammunition resupplied when they are nearby a sunderer equipped with the Vehicle Ammo Dispenser.

Sunderers with this certification will appear on your minimap with this icon: Icon Resupply Sunderer

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