The VR Training Facility is the place to try out unlocks before buying them with Certs or Daybreak Cash. It can also be used to practice skills such as shooting, vehicle handling, and flying. Each faction has a separate, identical facility, so no need to worry about bumping into the enemy!

Vr minimap

Minimap display of the VR Training Area

How do you access the VR Training Facility?
  1. Go to a continental Warp Terminal
  2. Click VR Training

To exit the VR Training Facility, use the continental Warp Terminals located near the spawn area.

Good luck!

Features Edit

Everything Unlocked!Edit

Every weapon, attachment, upgrade, and cosmetic found in Planetside 2 are automatically unlocked in VR. Want to know how a gun performs before purchasing using certs or a weapon trial? VR has you covered. To access guns, attachments, or upgrades, use any Equipment or Vehicle Terminal. Any gun, attachment, upgrade, and cosmetic unlocked solely in VR cannot be used in any other continent. 

Virtual RangeEdit

Vr virtual range

The Virtual Range is a place to try out weapons. Soldiers of all three factions will appear at 10m intervals, giving you the opportunity to test your equipment at different ranges. Use the Equipment Terminals nearby to equip your weapon of choice! There is no penalty for shooting friendly targets in the virtual range.

Standard RangeEdit

Vr range

Another range, this one with fixed targets to shoot. This range is useful for practicing weapon discipline and burst fire. The weapons terminals either side can be used to replenish ammunition or change weapons.

Free VehiclesEdit

In VR Training, vehicles are free! All weapons and attachments are available, so you can try out whatever you want before purchasing. This offers the perfect opportunity to practice flying an ESF, or simply to drive endless Flashes over cliffs!

Static TargetsEdit

Vr static targets

Surrounding the facility are static targets from all three factions, including infantry and vehicle targets. This area is used for testing long-distance weapons, such as sniper rifles or rocket launchers. Although many of these targets are close to the base, there are also groups scattered around the map. Destroyed targets will respawn shortly after destruction - no fears of running out!

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