Hey all! We're here at the PlanetSide 2 Ultimate Empire Showdown in Culver City, CA! In just a few minutes the teams are going to go head to head to victory or death! So you're probably wondering who is here on-site representing the different teams!

Terran Republic

Leader: Seananners

  • Dyr13l
  • Firefly
  • Gunweasel
  • 13lackRain
  • Bernie
  • skwashdem
  • Gunny McDuck
  • Pyroguy
  • Jomo
  • MikeyBDatBull
  • Medicdude
  • AsoYaToe
  • Mistwraith
  • Jaeve

New Conglomerate

Leader: Total Biscuit

  • Evilpig
  • Protostar
  • Lowkey
  • Punki
  • Soltis
  • SmedleyButler
  • Caligula
  • DVSDelrith
  • Srixun
  • Dogmaovd

Vanu Sovereignty

Leader: LevelCap

  • MatthewPeters
  • Antithasys
  • Dreadnaught
  • Cry0
  • Thorbinator
  • Neurotoxin
  • Ripper X
  • MinorButton
  • ApocTV
  • Nobel
  • BagNDrag
  • Solaires
  • Desy
  • GoldenFTW

Don't forget to watch the Twitch Live Stream to see the latest action!

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