With the official launch of PlanetSide 2 just over a week away, the war has continued to grow as each empire pushes across all 3 continents. We've seen tanks rolling across Esamir, Aircraft dominating the skies of Amerish, and infantry skirmishes all over Indar. This weekend’s patch provided some great changes and we hope you are enjoying them. Some of the highlights include:

  • Improved base capture mechanics. Now it's more difficult to hold a base and each one will provide your empire with a bonus for securing them.
  • Continent Lock bonuses are in! Conquer an entire continent to provide your empire with a temporary bonus to purchasing aircraft, vehicles, or infantry resources.
  • More weapons are in! We've got guns of every size and caliber available!
  • Aircraft such as empire specific fighters and the Liberator have been adjusted to make them more viable.

The team working is tirelessly on optimizations and balance for the reminder of the Beta which ends this Friday in preparation for launch 11/20. Expect to see quite a few more bugs fixed and tweaks to be made this week.

We have a lot more exciting planned including a special announcement on Wikia. Keep checking back and be sure to contribute and make this the best PlanetSide 2 wiki around.

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