The implant system has been completely revamped from the ground up and we’ve tried to remove frustrations associated with the old system, while creating a new experience that feels rewarding to pursue and participate in. A few of the important changes:
  • Old implants are being removed
  • New Implants are being introduced
  • How you recycle/upgrade implants has changed
  • Energy is no longer required to use them
  • There is now an additional implant slot so two may run at the same time

What happened to Energy?

Implants no longer require Energy to function. Any existing Chargers you have will be converted into ISO-4.

What is happening to my old implants?

Your old implants will no longer be usable and can be converted into ISO-4 to utilize in the new Implant system.

Are there restrictions on what Implants I can equip?

There is now a second Implant slot available and you may mix and match as you choose but cannot equip two of the same type (even if the tiers are different).

What is ISO-4?

ISO-4 is the new material you will receive when breaking down excess implants you don’t want. You may use this material to upgrade existing implants

Do implants still drop the same way?

Implant packs will be purchasable via Certification Points and DBC from the depot.

Note: Implants currently on the Test server are still subject to change including functionality and cost.

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