This time of year, the snow on Esamir brings even more challenge to the battlefield with the return of the enemy Snowmen! Of course, these balls of ice aren’t just there for decoration; they grant XP when you kill them.

On the less snowy continents, you may find Stonemen rather than Snowmen, an equally challenging – and rewarding – festive foe! On all continents, beware the GOLDEN Snowmen! (Though, while you should be aware, don’t be afraid to take them on – there’s XP and a prized piece of loot in it for you if you do!).

In addition to these new foes, you can get your squad in the holiday spirit by picking up special hats and weapons in the Depot. Holiday hats come in ES and NS versions, and weapons include the Icikill Knife and the Snowball Gun. You’ll also find C4 models appearing as presents and ammo boxes looking more like candy boxes in the world during the event.

There are directives waiting for you, with rewards, if you choose to fight these seasonal (or seasonally-dressed) foe, including:

  • Snow-Manslaughter
  • Golden Snow-Manslaughter
  • Special Delivery
  • Seasons Beatings
  • Slay Ride

This event will be available in game just for the holidays.

Hang on to your hopes, my friend, and head into battle!

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