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Underbarrel Shotgun
Underbarrel shotgun
A single-shot shotgun round that is highly effective in close quarters combat. The added weight increases the equip time of the attached weapon.
Empire: Logo ns
Cert Cost: 100Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost: 75Resource icon station cash

The Underbarrel Shotgun is a rail attachment that can be certed for most select-fire weapons.  It can fire a single shot before having to reload, and can have up to 4 rounds (1 in the chamber, 3 in reserve).  This cannot be expanded using the Ammunition Belt or Grenade Bandolier.

The Underbarrel Shotgun can kill any enemy (except for MAXes and Heavy Assaults with their shields raised) in one hit at close range.  This puts it on the same level of effectiveness as a pump-action shotgun. It works quite well with the Light Assault class.

To buy the shotgun, you must have the standard faction carbine with the S in its name: Gauss Compact S for the NC, TRAC-5 S for the TR, Solstice SF for the VS. It is found in the rail slot. It is a certification, so cannot be obtained using Station Cash.

To equip any underbarrel grenade launcher, underbarrel smoke grenade launcher, or underbarrel grenade launcher, press Gear Slot 1 hotkey (1 by default).

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