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Planetside 2 takes place on the planet Auraxis. Currently accessible continents are Indar, Esamir and Amerish. The war on Auraxis is fought over large facilities and outposts.

Base Types and Resources Edit

Bases Techplant Bases Biolab Bases Ampstation
Tech Plant Bio Lab Amp Station
Bases Outpost Bases Warpgate Bases Resources
Outpost Warp Gate Resources

Continental Capture BonusEdit

Capturing all contested territories in a continent will provide a temporary bonus to the controlling empire:

  • Indar - Reduction of cost for items purchased with Infantry resources.
  • Esamir - Reduction of cost for vehicles purchased with Mechanized resources.
  • Amerish - Reduction of cost for aircraft purchased with Aerospace resources.
  • Hossin - Not Implemented yet.

See Base Capture Mechanics for capturing individual territories.

Map SystemEdit



Map of Indar: Composed of 3 Warp Gates and 74 regions with building resources. 29 regions with  Infantry resource. 23 regions with Mechanized resources. 22 regions with  Aerospace resources.

Esamir Edit


Map of Esamir: Composed of 3 Warp Gates, 29 regions with building resources. 9 regions with  Infantry resources. 12 regions with the Mechanized resources. 8 regions with Aerospace resources.



Map of Amerish: Composed of 3 Warp Gates and 39 regions with building resources. 9 regions with  Infantry resource. 19 regions with the Mechanized resources, 11 regions with  Aerospace resources.


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