Planetside 2 takes place on the planet Auraxis. Currently accessible continents are Indar, EsamirAmerish, and Hossin. The war on Auraxis is fought over large facilities and outposts.

Base Types Edit

Bases Techplant Bases Biolab Bases Ampstation
Tech Plant Bio Lab Amp Station
Bases Outpost Bases Warpgate Construction System Button
Outpost Warp Gate Construction System

Continent LockingEdit

Capturing all contested territories in a continent will provide a temporary bonus to the controlling empire:

  • Amerish — Allows base generators to regenerate 5 health per second when destroyed.
  • Esamir — Allows allied control points to increase infantry shield capacity by 50.
  • Indar — Allows facility turrets to fire for much longer before overheating.
  • Hossin — Allows ammo resupply towers/pads to repair Vehicle/Aircraft.

See Base Capture Mechanics for capturing individual territories.

Map SystemEdit



Map of Indar: Composed of 3 Warp Gates and 74 regions. A desert continent with oak-looking trees scattered rarely throughout the landscape. There is more foliage in the south western area.

Esamir Edit


Map of Esamir: Composed of 3 Warp Gates, 29 regions. A continent with icy plains and several rocky mountains. Most bases have a wall surrounding them and is the only major continent to have 1 Tech Plant.



Map of Amerish: Composed of 3 Warp Gates and 39 regions. A large continent with lots of rocky mountains and some grassy plains with oak-like trees.

Hossin Edit


Map of Hossin: Contains 3 Warpgates, 3 Tech Plants, 3 Amp Stations and 3 Bio-Labs. Swampy and foggy environment. Beware of enemies hidden in the trees and foliage.

Koltyr Edit


Small starting continent for BR 1-15. Has a common biome that is much like Amerish.

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