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The United Front - US: West - Connery



The United Front is a Terran Republic outfit located on Connery US: West. Our outfit is designed to fit you're preferred role in combat. Our members are able to log on and engage in the particular style of combat they wish to engage in for the gaming session. Everyone is expected to perform their role as part of a team, our members volunteer when there is an assignment, and are rarely volun-told. We 

participate in all four major combat factors in PlanetSide 2 combat [Air Assault, Air Support, Armor, and Infantry.] We consider the outfit non-militaristic, however we do enjoy clear channels of communication focusing on things going on in the game as opposed to sidebar conversations.


  • Age Restrictions: no age limitation we recruit all players, maturity is a requirement
  • Voice Comms: Team Speak 3, Mic not required
  • Availability: No requirement, though we mostly play towards the evening (US)

Outfit Leaders



Outfit Stream


Outfit Website/Forums

In Progress


Air-Assault is air to ground and is vital to the support of infantry and armor, Air Support acts as the Forward TR fighting force supporting all ground operations. The vehicles used in these roles include.





Air Support is the only reason our Air-Assault can stay in the sky. Air Support does as the title suggests, they support the Air Assault by flying escort and protecting our assets from the enemy's Reaver and Scythe aircraft.



Armour is the ground based support responsible for protecting our forward assets from ground and air based threats. By suppressing enemy fire we allow our AMS-Sunderers and Infantry to gain the best possible position for maximum effectiveness during an engagement.





Infantry is the backbone of the Terran Republic fighting force. Infantry are the ones doing all the dirty work, from clearing buildings to clearing enemies from fortified positions we lead the fight. We are not the tip of the spear we are the realization of inescapable death when the enemy discovers the spear is pointed in their direction.

Heavy Assault

Light Assault

Combat Medic




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