Page Contents Current As of Patch: GU08
Icon Large Outpost
The Stronghold
The Stronghold
Location Indar
Facility Type Large Outpost
Capture Time 7 Minutes
Capture Points Icon AIcon BIcon C
Resupply Icon Vehicle ResupplyIcon Aircraft Resupply
Terminals Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle Terminal
Turrets Icon AVTurret

The Stronghold is a large outpost in the south-east of Indar. It is characterised by its defensive nature, having walls with few access points and large numbers of Phalanx Turrets. Despite being a large outpost, The Stronghold only has a single capture point.  It is accessible from Feldspar Canyon Base and Blackshard Iridium Mine; it is also bordered by Arroyo Torre Station, Gravel Pass and The Old Stockpile.

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