Page Contents Current As of Patch: GU08
Icon Large Outpost
The Crown
The Crown Map
Location Indar
Facility Type Large Outpost
Capture Time 7 Minutes
Capture Points Icon AIcon BIcon C
Resupply Icon Vehicle ResupplyIcon Aircraft Resupply
Terminals Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft Terminal
Turrets Icon AVTurretIcon AATurret

The Crown is a large outpost on Indar located at the center of the map.  It is often credited with some of the fiercest fighting on the continent, especially when all three factions are converging on the location.  

The Crown is accessible by two main attack paths: a small switchback trail on the north cliff face, barely wide enough for a small vehicle (although, Sunderers can, with some clever driving, get most of the way up), and an open road to the south surrounded by rocks. Both paths are highly exposed.  Because of this, The Crown is considered a fortress, one of the hardest bases to attack in the entire game.


The Crown overlooks Zurvan Amp StationTI Alloys, and Ceres Hydroponics.  It lies to the north of Crossroads Watchtower


The Crown contains a tower and several buildings. As of GU06, the spawn location has been moved to the tower.

There are 3 Capture points in the facility: Point A is in the tower itself; Point B is on a bridge to the south; and point C is on another bridge to the southeast.

Notable featuresEdit

  • Deep canyons surrounding the facility, only passable by one of the bridges.
  • Large rock formations that can be used to provide cover.
  • The Crown itself has a spectacular view over the surrounding landscape.



Because the Crown is so difficult to attack when it is manned, attention has to be moved away from it so the defenders move on.  This will require a sacrifice of territory that will bring the bulk of the defenders away, allowing an invasion force to walk in almost unopposed. However, sometimes this base will be taken during the night hours, when there are few players online to defend it.

An additional tactic is to avoid attacking the crown altogether, eventually the defenders will get restless and redeploy. If the base is monitored by an infiltrator or two, then an attack can be signalled when the defending force has shrunk enough, best brought in by a fleet of galaxies (with escorts).


  • Due to the generally un-organised offences and ease of defence, whenever The Crown is taken, it is most often through a large disparity between the offending and defending forces.
  • The way that this massive loss is offset is when enemies try to recapture the facility, as they will experience the same devastating losses.
  • Having ownership of The Crown may not be a good thing, as many players will move to defend it rather then the rest of their empire's territory. This is especially so when the respective empire has a low server population (in proportion to the other empires).
  • Not only may players group up at The Crown, they may stay on it despite losing the bases around it, sometimes causing teams to get pushed back all the way to their Warp Gate, while still holding the crown.

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