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Terminals are used for changing your class, loadout, or for spawning vehicles. There are four types of terminals that spawn items: Equipment Terminals, Sunderer Terminals, Vehicle Terminals, and Air Terminals. Additionally there is a Warp terminal in all warp gates to used to move between continents and bridge control terminals that control access to light-bridges. All terminals can be hacked by an opposing faction for use for the faction that hacked it (with the exception of warp terminals as they are inaccessible to opposing factions). The default key to interact with a terminal is E.


Terminal Icon Spawns
Equipment Icon Infantry Terminal Class, Equipment, Ammo Resupply
Sunderer Icon Sunderer Terminal Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, Lightning [1]
Vehicle Icon Vehicle Terminal Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, Lightning, Prowler, Vanguard, Magrider
Air Icon Aircraft Terminal Mosquito, Reaver, Scythe, Liberator
Galaxy Icon Galaxy Terminal Galaxy
Warp Icon Warpgate Terminal Allows the player to move between the continents of Auraxis
Energy Bridge Icon energyBridge tintable 16 Controls access to faction-specific energy bridges

Terminal Types Edit

Equipment Terminals Edit

From Getting Started:

The color of the icons and terminals will depend on the Empire chosen, but the small icon of the gun is stationary and can be seen through walls so these terminals are easily located throughout various facilities. Look for this small icon that hovers above the terminal and that can be seen through walls to select a character class. Icon Infantry Terminal Interact with these terminals for class selection by pressing E on the keyboard.

PS2 Class Terminals

Upon interaction, a new screen will open for the player to show them the class options. Each class contains its own gear, or Loadout, that includes weapons, suit and abilities. The MAX, or Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit, does cost resources to equip, but the others are at the player's disposal for no cost.

Sunderer TerminalsEdit

Marked by an Icon Sunderer Terminal icon, these terminals allow the spawning of Flashes, Sunderers, Harassers, and Lightning tanks. They are found at small outposts. These terminals are incapable of spawning Main Battle Tanks - for those, a Vehicle Terminal is needed.

Vehicle Terminals Edit

From Getting Started:

Look for this small icon that hovers above the terminal and that can be seen through walls to select a ground vehicle: Icon Vehicle Terminal. Please note that MBTs (i.e. Prowlers, Vanguards and Magriders) can only be spawned when your faction controls a Tech Plant on that continent.

PS2 Vehicle Terminals

Air Terminals Edit

From Getting Started:

Look for this small icon that hovers above the terminal and that can be seen through walls to select an air vehicle.Icon Aircraft Terminal

PS2 Aircraft Terminals

Galaxy TerminalsEdit

Marked with an Icon Galaxy Terminal icon, these terminals, found at Tech Plants and at Warp Gates, allow the spawning of Galaxies.

Warp TerminalsEdit

Marked with a globe icon: Icon Warpgate Terminal these terminals are only found inside warpgates and when used (press 'E') they allow the player to switch which continent they are on.

PS2 WorldMap Terminals

Energy Bridge TerminalsEdit

Marked with an Icon energyBridge tintable 16 icon these terminals control energy bridge. Energy bridges appear notably at Heyoka Chemical Lab on Amerish. They belong by default to the base controlling faction and can be hacked. The bridge associated with the terminal can be set to neutral - allowing all factions to pass over the bridge without falling through or faction colored where only units belonging to the controlling faction will be able to pass over the bridge.


  1. Update Notes 05/20

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