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Sunderer AMS Icon
The Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station (S-AMS), often simply referred to as an 'AMS', is a passive system for the Sunderer that allows it to deploy(By pressing B) to form a spawn point. As such, the S-AMS is essential to any successful assault, as it allows attackers to spawn within enemy bases. An S-AMS cannot be deployed within 65m of a friendly deployed S-AMS. 

When spawning, S-AMS vehicles within your deployment radius are displayed as green sunderers on the world map. The deploy timer for an S-AMS is less than that for a base.

Sunderer No-Deploy Zones
As of Game Update 12 bases now have No-Deploy Zones to prevent Sunderers from deploying directly on the capture point. This was added to have a little bit of ground fighting between infantry troops.

These No-Deploy zones act similarly to those of allied Sunderer no-deploy zones. The differences between the two is that the base No-Deploy zones will never change, and appear as a red circle on the minimap.

If you happen to be in one of these zones while trying to deploy, you will receive a message in both your chat and in the middle of your screen. The message is as follows: Vehicle cannot be deployed here because you are in a no-deploy area.


Enables the Sunderer to deploy into an Advanced Mobile Station. The AMS acts as a respawn point for friendly soldiers. The AMS must be stopped to deploy and cannot be deployed immediately near enemy bases or other deployed friendly Sunderers

Cost Description
Auto-granted Enables the Sunderer to deploy into an Advanced Mobile Station, which acts as a respawn point for friendly soldiers.

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