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Sunderer AMS Icon
The Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station (S-AMS) is a passive system for the Sunderer that allows the vehicle to Deploy (default key is B) to act as a spawn point for all eligible allied infantry. It is available to all characters by default, and cannot be unequipped. 

Whilst the Sunderer is deployed, infantry have access to two equipment terminals found on either side of the vehicle, which can be used whilst the S-AMS is active. If they last died in range of the Sunderer, the deploy screen will show the S-AMS as a green Sunderer icon. Players can spawn onto the Sunderer as normal from here, with a decreased spawn time.

Sunderer No-Deploy Zones
There are two restrictions to the use of the S-AMS.
  1. Sunderers cannot deploy within a certain range of friendly Sunderers who have already deployed
  2. All hostile and friendly bases have a large red (seen left) no-deploy areas surrounding them, within which the S-AMS will not work.

When trying to deploy a Sunderer in a no-deploy area, an error message will show stating the following:

  • "Vehicle cannot be deployed here because you are in a no-deploy area."


Enables the Sunderer to deploy into an Advanced Mobile Station. The AMS acts as a respawn point for friendly soldiers. The AMS must be stopped to deploy and cannot be deployed immediately near enemy bases or other deployed friendly Sunderers

Cost Description
Auto-granted Enables the Sunderer to deploy into an Advanced Mobile Station, which acts as a respawn point for friendly soldiers.

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