Page Contents Current As of Patch: GU08
  • Universal Certifications: Restoration Kit or Medical Kit
    • Since you're out and away from combat. More than likely away from your Combat Medics, you'll want these for when you get hit by enemy snipers.
  • Explosives: EMP Grenades
    • During the beta phase of Planetside 2, EMP grenades would lock vehicles for a certain amount of time and also lock infantry weapons. This is no longer the case and they now instead, drain the shields of infantry(friendlies included) and also remove the HUD and the overlay for HS/NV scopes. They can also be used to drain cloaked infiltrators to decloak them, and currently will deshield a Heavy Assault if they are using their shield ability.
  • Suit Modification: Grenade Bandolier or Nanoweave Armor
    • More grenades equal more information. "Information is Ammunition."
    • Or Nanoweave because you can survive one more extra shot.
  • Cloaking Devices (special ability, default key is "F"):
  1. Hunter: Default cloaking device, most snipers will take this.
  2. Nano-Armor: This cloak will allow you to take more damage when used but at the cost of using your energy supply faster than the Hunter Cloak. Nano-armor also regenerates twice as slowly as the Hunter Cloak.
  3. Stalker: A newer version of the cloak, it does not degenerate if you are standing or crouching still. The perfect cloak for Spotters since their role requires them to sit and keep enemies spotted. However, using this takes away your primary weapon, so any cloaking device will suffice for the Spotter role.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • These can still be just as deadly at medium range. But if you're diving into close combat, a scout rifle will be better. Use of a suppressor and forward grip is recommended.
  • Scout Rifle
    • If you use scout rifles a majority of the time, then make sure to keep your fire limited and to equip a suppressor and forward grip.
  • Pistol
    • Don't forget, a suppressor will help keep you stay concealed while you continue to gain information on enemy positions.

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