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Reverse-engineered from ancient Vanu tech, the Spiker's hovering powercore allows the weapon to be switched from its standard 2x burst to a semi-auto charge mode capable of firing a single powerful blast.
Cert Cost: 1000 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
DC Cost: 699 Icon Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon VS
Can Use: Icon InfiltratorIcon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Weapon Type: Pistols
Fire Rate: 480 RPM
240 (Charge) RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 325m/s
Effective Range: Short
Fire Modes: 2x Burst, Charge
Headshot Multiplier: 2x
ADS Move Speed Multiplier: 0.75x
Max Damage: 167 before 10m
Min Damage: 84 after 60m
Max Damage Charge level 2: 350 before 10m
Min Damage Charge level 2: 375? after 100m
Max Indirect Damage Charge level 2: 150 before ?m
Min Indirect Damage Charge level 2: 1 after ?m
Damage Type: Small Arms
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 1.53s
Long Reload: 1.845s
Magazine Size: 16
Ammunition Pool: 84
Hip Aim
Crouch Still: 1 0.5
Move: 1.5 0.5
Stand Still: 1 0.5
Move: 1.5 0.5
Bloom per Shot: 0.22 0.11
Vertical: 0.7
Horizontal, Min/Max: 0.175/0.175
Horizontal Tolerance: 0.5
Angle Min/Max: 0°/0°
Bias: ← = →
Recoil Decrease: 18
First Shot Recoil Multiplier: 1x
Data Sources
External sources: 1. 2.
Census API source: Spiker API Data?

The Spiker is a empire specific Vanu Sovereignty pistol. It posses two fire modes — 2x burst and charge, that can be switched by pressing Switch Fire Group button(B by default). The two shots burst makes this an excellent finish off weapon in close range.

The charged shot yields a small splash damage, however direct hit is preferable with its high damage. Agile and accurate Light Assault users who frequently flank can use this feature with a shotgun mentality in mind. A good strategy would be charging the gun at a safe place, then use the drifter jetpack to compensate for speed reduction during charge time. Once you hit an enemy with a charged shot, knife him or immediately change to burst mode and finish him off.

Damage with Range: ( 2x burst mode here )

167 @ 10 meters

143 @ 24 meters

125 @ 35 meters

112 @ 43 meters

100 @ 50 meters

91 @ 55 meters

84 @ 60 meters


Available attachments
HPR Reflex (1x) Designed as a replacement for standard iron sights in close-quarters combat, the Holo-Projected Reticle sight creates an accurate dot-and-circle reticle above the top rail.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Icon weaponAttachment vs redDotSight01
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 149Icon Daybreak Cash
VHO Reflex (2x) The revolutionary Vanu Holo-Optic reflex utilizes nanotechnology to project a circle and dot reticle. Additionally, it features a 2X magnitude zoom for better performance in urban combat scenarios.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Icon weaponAttachment vs redDotSight02
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 149Icon Daybreak Cash
Barrel Attachments
Suppressor The suppressor reduces the noise and muzzle flash generated by the firearm, and prevents the player from showing on the minimap when firing. Bullet velocity and effectiveness at range are reduced.
Suppressor (VS)
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 75Icon Daybreak Cash
Rail Attachments
Darklight Flashlight The rail mounted Darklight Flashlight can illuminate hostile cloaked infiltrators and dark areas but the light can give away your position.
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 75Icon Daybreak Cash
Laser Sight A laser sight increases the user's hipfire accuracy by 25%.
Laser Sight
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 75Icon Daybreak Cash
No Ammo available.

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