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Soft Point Ammunition
Soft Point Ammunition Cert
Soft Point Ammunition increases the weapon's maximum damage range by 5 meters, but reduces its projectile velocity by 5%.
Empire: Logo ns
Cert Cost: 100Icon resource certpoints 25x25
SC Cost: 75Icon Daybreak Cash

The Soft Point Ammunition (SPA) is certification for ammo slot, that extends maximum damage drop off range by 5-6m, by reducing bullet velocity.

Stats Edit

  • -5% bullet velocity on all weapons[1]

Explanation Edit

This diagram just shows what SPA (and HVA) does.

SPA and HVA attachments

How SPA and HVA effect a weapon damage model

The diagram doesn't show any specific number since it's variable for each weapon. As you can see:

  • SPA increases the range where the weapon does the maximum damage, but the weapon does the minimum damage at the same range as without it.
  • HVA doesn't increase the weapon's maximum damage range, but increases the range where the weapon does the minimum damage.

Recommendations as an Attachment Edit

  • Soft Point ammo is normally a "must have" attachment, because of the few down sides.
  • Although it will reduce the range of the weapon's effectiveness at range if it loses 2 tiers of damage- most weapons that equip it are already made with close quarters combat in mind.
  • The muzzle velocity is normally negligible, unless you are using a suppressor.
  • The weapon's effectiveness is only increased by 5 meters, or around 15 feet. It can mean the difference between the enemy get away- or getting that kill just as he enters the doorway.

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