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Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenade Cert Icon
 A grenade which produces a large smoke screen capable of providing cover for a short period of time.
3 second fuse.
Usable By: Icon Light Assault
Resource Cost: 25Icon resource nanites 128
Max Stock: 40

Smoke Grenade are a certification available for the Light Assault class. 

Upon detonation, the grenade produces a large smoke screen capable of providing visual cover for a short period of time. Additionally, the Smoke Grenade can cause lock-on launchers to be unable to lock onto a vehicle. HSNV Scopes can see through the smoke. Grenades can be resupplied via an equipment terminal, and cannot be resupplied from the Engineer's ammo pack.

The default key to throw a grenade is G.


Smoke Grenades can cause chaos and provide temporary cover to move through firefights

Cost Description
200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Allows Light Assault to use Smoke Grenades

History Edit

  • Prior April 9th, 2015 Update, players who have lower particle display settings would not see the smoke screen while close up (within 40 meters), giving them an advantage over higher particle display settings. All players will see the smoke screen from far away, regardless of settings.


Planetside 2 Flash VS Smoke (LA)-001:58

Planetside 2 Flash VS Smoke (LA)-0

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