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The Skyguard fires 40mm flak rounds that are highly effective against enemy aircraft.
Empire: Icon NS
Can Use: Icon Lightning
Weapon Type: Unknown
Fire Rate: 480 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s
Effective Range: Long
Fire Modes: Automatic
Max Damage: 200 before 100m
Min Damage: 150 after 300m
Max Indirect Damage: 60 before 6m
Min Indirect Damage: 1 after 8m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 3s
Long Reload: 3s
Magazine Size: 70
Ammunition Pool: 1050
Minimum Cone of fire: 1.25
Cert Cost: 1000 Icon certification point
SC Cost: 700 Resource icon station cash

The Skyguard fires 40mm flak rounds that are highly effective against enemy aircraft.


The Skyguard is a Lightning with a Skyguard turret. This loadout is simply referred to as a "Skyguard" by players. The Skyguard is very effective against ESFs, Liberators and Galaxy. With its high rate of fire, long range, and relatively small cone of fire, it can inflict damage to aircraft quite quickly. The Skyguard shoots flak that explodes on impact or proximity to an aircraft, increasing the chance of delivering damage.

While the Skyguard has a significant advantage against aircraft, it cannot protect itself against enemy tanks or infantry with anti-armor weaponry. The Skyguard turret is capable of damaging all targets, but flak shells will only explode near aircraft. This significantly reduces its firepower against any other threat, requiring Skyguard operators to choose their firing positions wisely or to travel with allies capable of defending the vehicle.

Turret and ammunitionEdit

With 75 rounds in the standard magazine, the Skyguard can take out any ESFs using one magazine, if most of the flaks hits. Liberators need 2 magazines and Galaxies need closer to 4 magazines. The turret has an elevation angle arc from 0 to 90 degrees relative to the hull of the Skyguard, allowing the entirety of the sky to be covered, but leading to severe blindspots on the ground.

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