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PlanetSide 2 holds host to several servers, to allow players from across the world to play among their specific region of choice for maximum performance. Each character in Planetside 2 is tied to a single server, so it is important to pick a server close to you. Each server will also have different outfit and faction balances, so it may be worth investigating before picking your server.

Server ListEdit

Region Name
Australia Briggs
Europe Ceres
US East Mattherson
US West Connery

Server StatusEdit

Servers will be taken down for maintenance, hotfixes, etc. Pre-planned server shutdowns will usually be announced on the official forums. The current status of the forums can be seen on the front page of the forums, at the top of the page. The bar will display one of three possible status:

Server Status Meaning
UP Server is online
LOCKED Server is locked. Check forums for details
MAINT Server is undergoing maintenance. Check forums for details

Test ServerEdit

The Planetside 2 Public Test Server is the place where the devs trial potential new content before it goes live. As a result, the test server is the place to be to experience the cutting edge of the game before it is released to the public! For more information on the Test Server, and to download the test client, please click here.

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