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Sandstone Gulch Mining

Sandstone Gulch Mining

Sandstone Gulch Mining was an Outpost on Indar. This facility was often captured by an assaulting force as a preface to the siege of the Hvar Tech Plant and its associated installations. This small outpost shared several large borders with other, more strategically important points.

Defenders of this installation may wanted to take note that holding it against a westward-headed onslaught may halt or at least temporarily hinder seizure of the Hvar Western Post, leading to a possible stalemate and/or the arrival of defending reinforcements for the plant. Be aware, however, that assaulters may simply deem Sandstone an unnecessary expense of manpower and route forces through the plant itself to take the Western post, leading to the isolation of any defenders hoping to hold Sandstone.

In the case that an aerial assault against Sandstone is either repelled or sufficiently stonewalled to warrant a retreat, squadrons may wish to regroup in the large, empty area to the south. This forces the defenders to either send their own fighters, et al. against the regrouping invaders or to sound a tactical retreat in order to defend Hvar, a facility that they likely hold as well; defending an entire fortress may not be easier than holding an outpost, but it is certainly more defensibly manageable.

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