Rock Planet Shotgun
Rock Planet Shotgun Logo 256x TransparentBG

Outfit Tag:







EU Miller


The Vanu Accord


Recruitment Status:

Open (see this link)


1200+ / 350+ active last week / 50+ on each evening

Outfit detailsEdit

Rock Planet Shotgun is the Vanu Sovereignty outfit for the community of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun PC gaming website.

Created during the tech test, we are now a large, busy outfit.

We put fun, friendliness and general awesomeness first; do not expect strict hierarchy or incredibly efficient coordination. Even so, our platoon leaders are very competent; we are a force to be reckoned with.

We play on the Miller server with and with over 500 members you can expect to find us running an outfit platoon any night of the week.

For more information:Edit

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