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Restoration Kit
Icon cert restorationKit 64
This single-use Restoration Kit regenerates health for 12 seconds through needle-free, subcutaneous delivery of adrenaline and nanite-based coagulants.
Usable By: Icon InfiltratorIcon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Resource Cost: 25Icon resource nanites 128
Max Stock: 40

The Restoration Kit (commonly referred to as "resto kit") is a one-time-use item that will restore the user 900hp over a period of 12 seconds (75hp/s). Each certification level above 1 will allow the user to carry an additional kit. There is a 0.5s cooldown between restoration kit uses. It costs 25 nanites to resupply each Restoration Kit at respawn.

Unlike its counterpart, the Medical Kit, the Restoration Kit slowly heals the user over time. However, the Restoration Kit can heal the user up to 900hp; 80% more than the Medical Kit's maximum of 500hp. Since a soldier can only have a maximum HP of 500, this extra 400hp is wasted in a normal situation. If, however, the user takes damage during the 12-second window, the extra healing potential of the Restoration Kit can help them fully recover from this damage.

The Restoration Kit is not a direct substitute to the Medical Kit, as it can be employed in ways the Medical Kit cannot. A Restoration Kit can be used in anticipation of taking damage. For example, before entering an enemy-occupied room, a user could, despite currently being at full health, use a Restoration Kit. Upon entering the room and taking damage, they will now regenerate 75hp/s for 12 seconds. This could, theoretically, allow them to absorb a bit more damage before death than they otherwise could have. This tactic works especially well with the Heavy Assault's Resist Shield, because the Resist Shield reduces incoming damage (rather than adding an additional overshield like the Nanite Mesh Generator or Adrenaline Shield.) The Restoration Kit's regenerative effect is only useful in combat while the user's shield(s) are depleted and their health is taking damage directly. Because the Resist Shield reduces incoming damage by 40%, it effectively allows the Restoration Kit to repair up to 1500hp of damage while the user's health pool is 'exposed'.

This is a universal certification; once unlocked, it is available to all classes.


Level Cost Description
1 30 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Grants access to a consumable restoration that can be used to regenerate a users health over six seconds.
2 100 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 2.
3 200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 3.
4 500 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 4.

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