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Restoration Kit
Icon cert restorationKit 64
This single-use Restoration Kit regenerates health for 12 seconds through needle-free, subcutaneous delivery of adrenaline and nanite-based coagulants.
Usable By: Icon InfiltratorIcon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Resource Cost: Planetside2font-2Planetside2font-5Icon resource nanites 128

The Restoration Kit is a consumable healing item universally available in the utility slot. After injecting yourself with the kit, it will heal you at rate of 75hp per second for 12 seconds restoring 900hp in total. Since the Restoration Kit regenerates health instead of simply giving it to you, it takes longer to reach full health, however, the regeneration can be used (with good timing) to recover from small amounts of damage. It costs 30 certification points to unlock the restoration kit for all classes, and additional investments allow for more to be carried at a time. It costs 25 resources to resupply a Restoration Kit at respawn.

Usually not as popular or as widely used as its counterpart, the Medical Kit, however, that does not mean it is less useful. Although the Medical Kit gives instant health, the Restoration Kit (often referred to as the "resto kit") can be used to give health over a longer period of time, as in: If you are in a firefight and use a resto kit, not only will your health be refilled, it will keep regenerating your health over that 6 second window, so even if you take damage, the health will regenerate back. This attribute and the cheaper price make the Restoration Kit a competitive alternative to the Medical Kit. However, the choice between them is mostly playstyle preference.

This is a universal certification; once unlocked, it is available to all the classes.


Level Cost Description
1 30 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Grants access to a consumable restoration that can be used to regenerate a users health over six seconds.
2 100 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 2.
3 200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 3.
4 500 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Increases the number of restoration kits that can be carried to 4.

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