Page Contents Current As of Patch: 29/07/2014

The Resources system is a feature in Planetside 2 that manages the acquisition of Equipment, Ground Vehicles, and Aircraft.

The player can see how many of each type of resource they have by looking at the lower left area of their screen, just below their mini map. This will show them their Nanites and certs. 

Or the player can see how many of each type of resource they have by looking at their Profile Summary screen (hitting ESC on their keyboard).

50 Nanites are given to the 3 factions every minute, up to a maximum cap of 750 Nanites at any time.

Building Resources System Edit

The resources that all empires of Auraxis utilize to achieve victory is Nanites and certification points, Nanites are used in the acquisition of Consumables, Vehicles, and MAX suit's. while Cert Points are used to unlock new class, weapon, and vehicle options.

While PlanetSide 2 uses the term "building resources," it isn't the crafting system many MMO players have come to expect in game. Building resources are simply used in the purchase and delivery of several items. For instance, when a player selects a vehicle at the vehicle terminal, he is ordering nanites to build a vehicle using the building resources the player has at hand. Another example is when a player toggles on the “resupply” button in the grenade slot of his loadout, the player is using 25 nanites to make that grenade and it will subsequently appear in the player’s inventory. Overall, there is no difference in resource costs between the different Empires, and every resource is needed by all the Empires equally;

Players earn Resources several different ways; however, resources can be acquired more quickly by using Boosts or by becoming a Member. 

Locking a Continent gives bonuses depending on the continent conquered:

  • Amerish gives -50% consumables Purchases
  • Esamir gives -50% Mechanized Purchases
  • Indar gives -50% Aerospace Purchases
  • Hossin gives Vehicle/Aircraft repair at ammo resupply towers/pads