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Resources in Planetside are used to dictate the rate at which players can acquire equipment, ground vehicles, and aircraft, and erect structures.

There are two primary resources in Planetside;

  • Nanites — an automatically gained resource used to spawn vehicles and MAXes, and resupply consumables.
  • Cortium — a resource mined by ANTs used to build and power constructables.

Each is acquired in a different way, with different storage caps and intended uses, and primarily serve to prevent one single player from becoming a one-man army by limiting the amount of equipment they can acquire in a short amount of time.

Nanites Edit

Nanites (Icon resource nanites 128) are the primary resource used for general gameplay. All consumables and vehicles require players to spend various amounts of Nanites to resupply or spawn.

The maximum amount of Nanites a player can hold at once is 750Icon resource nanites 128. By default, every player will generate 50Icon resource nanites 128 per minute so long as they are active (not idle for an extended period in a warpgate) outside of a VR continent. This amount can be increased through Premium Membership and Boosts.

Nanites are used at Terminals or when respawning to purchase consumable items such as Frag Grenades, or to create vehicles such as Flashes.

The costs associated with consumables and vehicles can be changed through various benefits.

  • During an Aerial Anomaly alert, all factions have their aircraft costs reduced to zero nanites.
  • Winning an Aerial Anomaly alert temporarily causes all aircraft costs to be discounted by 20%.
  • Unlocking the appopriate A.S.P. Skill will reduce that vehicle's cost by 20% permanently.

Most consumables and vehicles have different base consumable costs, depending on their power level and how powerful they are when massed. Aside from the MAX, which costs 450Icon resource nanites 128, all nanite costs are listed below.

Vehicle Costs Edit

Ground Vehicles
Vehicle Cost
Flash 50Icon resource nanites 128
Harasser 150Icon resource nanites 128
Sunderer 200Icon resource nanites 128
ANT 200Icon resource nanites 128
Lightning 350Icon resource nanites 128
Main battle tanks 450Icon resource nanites 128
Vehicle Cost
Valkyrie 250Icon resource nanites 128
Empire specific fighters 350Icon resource nanites 128
Liberator 450Icon resource nanites 128
Galaxy 450Icon resource nanites 128

Cortium Edit

Main article: Cortium

Cortium (Icon Cortium) is the primary resource of the Construction System. It is mined using the ANT, and is used for building constructables and powering bases via Cortium Silos.

The maximum amount of Cortium an ANT can hold is between 8000Icon Cortium and 10 000Icon Cortium, depending on the vehicle's Cortium Storage rank. The maximum amount of Cortium a Silo can hold is 50 000Icon Cortium. Cortium can only be obtained using an ANT's mining lasers on a Cortium Deposit in the world.

Cortium can be spent at the deployed ANT's terminal, or at a Cortium Silo that has been filled with the mineral. It is also automatically spent by Cortium Silos to power both itself, and surrounding modules and structures

Cortium Costs Edit

Main article: Construction System

The costs to construct the many modules and buildings available are quite low. Instead, Cortium is primarily consumed by modules through the Cortium Silo overtime to keep themselves powered. The full list of costs is available on the Construction System page.