Covert Solo Infiltrator Loadout==

Write the first section of your page here.Primary Weapon: Blitz GD-10(SMG)(1,000 Certs) Attachments: -Ammo- SoftPoint Ammunition (100 Certs) -Barrel Attachment- Suppressor (100 Certs) -Optics-Reflex Sight (30 Certs) -Rail Attachment- Forward Grip (100 Certs)

Secondary Weapon: NS-357 Underboss(Pistol)(1,000 Certs) Attachments: -Rail- Laser Sight (100 Certs)

Passive Systems: -Advanced Equipment Terminal Hacking Lv. 4 (181 Certs) Tool Slot: - Recon Detect Device Lv. 2(80 Certs)

TR and VS weapon equivilantsEdit

The Blitz is equivalent to PDW-16 Hailstorm and Sirius SX12. They vary due to rate of fire and bullet velocity (Plus no vanu bullet drop... but they just do that). 

The Sirius has a higher bullet velocity then both of its competitors meanwhile the Hailstorm has a higher rate of fire but the lowest bullet velocity. All the weapons deal the same damage, while the Hailstorm has 10 extra bullets per clip, but has the same total thanks to reserve.

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