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Premium MembershipEdit

Icon MembershipPremium membership requires real money to be spent, but includes a multitude of benefits.

Membership Benefits:Edit

The Membership benefits depend on the months prepaid or already paid.

The Passive Cert gain and Exp bonus increase with each stage.

The benefits are:

  • Daily Member-Only Sales
  •  Increased Ressource and Exp gain (25%-50%)
  • Increase Passive Cert gain '(25%-50%)
  • Early Access
  • Priority Login
  • Additional Character Slots
  • 500 SC each month.
  • Membership for all SOE games.
 Months Exp/Ressources Passive Cert Gain per day
1 25%  24.0
30% 28.8
3 35% 33.6
4 40% 38.4
5 45% 43.2
6 50% 48.0

Remember to look into longterm memberships for discounts.


Also, you must log into to collect these certs; they do not roll over too the next day.

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