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Premium MembershipEdit

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Premium membership requires real money to be spent, but includes a multitude of benefits.

Membership BenefitsEdit

All Access Benefits Edit

  • Premium in-game benefits in participating DGC games
  • 500 Daybreak Cash reward to claim each month
  • 10% OFF unlimited marketplace purchases[1]
  • Exclusive promotions and offers

Planetside 2 Benefits:Edit

  • 10% off marketplace purchases
  • Free monthly 500 Daybreak Cash claim
  • Exclusive promotions and offers
  • +50% experience
  • +3% experience for every member in your squad
  • +48 passive certification points per day[2]
  • +50% resources
  • Monthly double XP weekend
  • Log-in queue priority
  • Access to members-only daily sale
  • Three additional character slots
  • Three additional custom loadouts

References Edit

  1. 10% discount applies only to Marketplace purchases made using Daybreak Cash or real world currency. Excludes Daybreak Cash top-ups, Krono, memberships, and purchases made using certs, gold, or other in-game currencies.
  2. You must log into to collect these certs; they do not roll over to the next day.

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