Mission General

Player Generated Missions are forms of mini-alerts that can be placed on the map by squad or platoon leaders after gaining the proper certifications in the Squad Leader section.

Only one Mission can be active at a time and all types provide bonus XP boosts for participation when in range of the mission. Instant action weight values are also increased when a mission is active. This means that pressing the Instant Action button will be more likely to drop you in an active mission zone.

During general missions, some of the rewards will be as follows:

  • XP increase to deploy-bonuses
  • XP increase to AMS spawn bonuses
  • XP bonus for repairs to deployment vehicles (Sunderer and Galaxy)
  • XP bonus for Squad-Deploy bonuses
When hovering over the direction of the mission objective on your screen you will see your reticule change to an icon similar to this.
Mission Objective Reticule

Reinforcements Mission Edit

Mission Reinforcements

Reinforcement missions are a general mission request. Bring anything you would like to battle, just come as your faction needs you!

Air Strike Mission Edit

Mission Air Strike

Air Strike Missions are a request to aircraft of your faction to destroy either infantry, or armored vehicles like tanks and Sunderers.


  • XP Bonus for ground kills/assists while in an aircraft at this location.
  • Increased gunner XP bonus for Liberator pilots
  • Increased XP bonus for Sunderer kills.

Air Superiority Mission Edit

Mission Air Superiority

This mission is a request for Empire Specific Fighters (ESFs), Liberators, and maybe even the occasional Battle Galaxy to gain Air Superiority over the other factions at the requested location.

Anti-Tank Mission Edit

Mission Anti Tank

This mission is a request for anti-tank weaponry, such as rocket launchers, aircraft, or even other tanks due to a large amount of enemy armor present in the area. Tanks with Armor Penetration (AP) rounds will be particularly useful during this mission.

Tank Support Mission Edit

Mission Tank Support

This mission is a request to an entire empire for Tank Support.

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