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Planetbusters (PB) recruitment is closed. We recommend playing with 1st Strike Team. Thank you for your interest.

Planetbusters (PB) is a community of mature casual gamers in it for the fun and the teamwork.

Playing With PlanetbustersEdit

While the overarching casual theme never leaves PB, while in game there will be a great deal of coordination and teamwork. What this means is you play as much as you want. However, if you are logged in your PB outfit character, you are playing with PB players.

You do not have to join PB to play with PB, nor do you have to join the parent clan Tankbusters (TB) in order to play with PB. Regardless of your membership status, you play by our rules, which shouldn't be hard.


People you'll find in PB:

  • Mature
  • Works as a team
  • Flexible
  • Has a working microphone
  • Makes the team better
  • Hits the broadside of a barn

People you won't find in PB:

  • Elitist
  • Talk excessively about nothing while we try to play
  • So worried about stats they limit themselves


Main focus, but by no means how we spend ALL our time:

  • Armor

We also dabble in:

  • Galaxy AMS Drops
  • Liberator Bombardments


Tankbusters OrgChart

Planetbusters, Hierarchy

  • FEZ = The council of senior leadership, oversees everything
  • Division Chief = Head of PB
  • Core Member = Apart of the parent TB clan playing as a PBer
  • Familiar = Someone who plays with PB but isn't apart of PB


  • 1) OPTIONAL: Send Lanzer (for west) or Lanzr (for east), or another PBer a friend invite and get hooked up in a squad in-game so you can test us out
  • 2) Go to our site and apply via the forums to become a PBer
  • 3) Bump our recruitment thread
  • 4) Play
  • 5) Repeat Steps 3 & 4


Tankbusters WorldofTanks Logo

Tankbusters Logo old

Tankbusters (TB) was formed in July of 2010 during World of Tanks (WoT) alpha by MrVic, LordLothair, Breyd1971, and Kurt_Knispel. The clan quickly grew during beta and when Clan Wars (CW) for WoT came out, TB participated competitively. As time went on and enthusiasm for CW dropped, TB decided to switch from competitive play to casual play because many core members wanted to keep playing together, even if it wasn't in WoT. The progression from only WoT to games of significant core member interest came soon after.

Planetbusters was formed on October 28, 2012 after d_black_se mentioned to Lanzer that there were other players who might want to group up and play Planetside 2. So Lanzer organized the effort and opened it up for mainstream recruitment. PB was closed on November 13, 2012, due to lack of support from the umbrella clan, TB.

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