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Icon Amp StationPeris Amp Station
Peris Amp Station
Location: Indar
Facility Type: Amp Station
Capture Time: 7 Minutes
Capture Points: Icon A
Shields: 4
Generators: Icon Vertical ShieldIcon Horizontal ShieldIcon Vehicle Shield
Resupply: Icon Aircraft ResupplyIcon Vehicle Resupply
Terminals: Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft Terminal
Turrets: Icon Spear Anti-Vehicle Phalanx TurretIcon Aspis Anti-Aircraft Phalanx TurretIcon Xiphos Anti-Personnel Phalanx Turret

The Peris Amp Station is an Amp Station, located on the southwest of Indar.

Close to the Indar Western Warpgate, Peris Amp Station provides a solid base for any attacker, or, conversely, can act as a fallback position for retreating defenders.

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Peris Amp Station features a single control point that located inside the shielded building. To access the control point the shield must be overcome either by destroying both the horizontal and vertical generators, or by using a Sunderer equipped with a Gate Shield Diffuser.

The SCU shield will be disabled at the half way point when the capture indicator no longer shows the controlling faction's color and the capturing faction begins to take control. When the SCU is vulnerable attacking forces can still make their way to the control point even if the vertical or horizontal generators are functional by using the SCU room entrance.

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