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The Patriot Camo items are faction colored camouflage patterns available for vehicle armors, infantry armors, and infantry weapons. Each armor or weapon type camouflage requires a separate purchase from the Depot for Station Cash.

These items were available as part of the 2013 Fourth of July holiday event.

Unlike other Camo items, faction colored camouflage patterns do not unlock for all factions with a single purchase.

Armor CamouflageEdit

New ConglomerateEdit

Vehicle CamouflageEdit

New ConglomerateEdit

Terran RepublicEdit

Vanu SovereigntyEdit

Weapon CamouflageEdit

New ConglomerateEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Battle RiflesEdit


Heavy GunsEdit

Light Machine GunsEdit

MAX WeaponsEdit


Rocket LaunchersEdit

Scout RiflesEdit


Sub Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit

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