Vanu logo3d

We are a Vanu outfit, currently recruiting. We use smallscale strikes against undefended territories and spearhead large assaults into enemy territory. We are not berserkers, we dont run in guns-a-blazing, we use unit tactics to capture outposts and eliminate preliminary resistance. We are a small strike team that needs members, and is looking for good soldiers for leadership. WE DO NOT TOLERATE: Cheaters, Teamkillers, Killstealers, Spies and Traitors. Unless you're a traitor or spy for us. To join, message seablaster1999 with the answers to the following: 

  1. Age
  2. IGN
  3. Email (optional)
  4. Favored Class
  5. Skill Rating (one to ten)
  6. Preferred Vehicle
  7. Skill with Vehicles (overall)(also one to ten)
  8. Empire (If it isn't VS, don't bother.)

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