• Explosives: Anti Vehicle Grenade or C-4
With only being able to carry one AVG versus carrying three C4s, taking the C4s is still better. Currently it takes 2 C4s to take out a lightning, and 3 C4s to destroy a MBT or Sunderer.
  • Suit Modification: Munitions Pouch.
As the only class that can carry/use the rocket launcher, having the max number allowed rockets will only help your cause. Especially helpful if there are no engineers around to drop you an ammo pack.
On average it takes about five rockets to take out a vehicle when hitting it from the front without reinforced armor. So try to wait before revealing your position, and try to hit vehicles from the rear.
  • Nanite Mesh Generators: Resist Shield (special ability, default key is "F"):
This shield can protect you from multiple hits from a vehicle which makes taking this shield a must when engaging armor (air and ground).
Note: The shield will only be available as long as your personal shield is up. Once your shield is down, even if you still have energy left over you will lose the Resist Shield's effect.
  • Rocket Launcher:
  1. Ground based Lock-On: M9 Skep Launcher (TR), Crow (NC), Hades (VS)
  2. Air based Lock-On: ASP-30 Grounder (TR), Hawk (NC), Nemesis (VS)
  3. Dumb Fire: ML-7 (TR), Shrike (NC), S1 (VS)
These are self explanatory, use ground based rockets for Flash, MBTs, Sunderers, Lightnings. Use air based rockets against Liberators, Galaxies, and ESFs.
  • Light Machine Gun: You can take any gun with any attachments
  • Pistol
- Personally I enjoy using the Laser Sight, but really any of the attachments will do. The pistol is your 'oh no' moment. Don't forget to use your special ability if you haven't yet!