Page Contents Current As of Patch: GU09
Icon Outpost
Old Auraxium Mines
Old Auraxium Mines
Location Indar
Facility Type Outpost
Capture Time 4 Minutes
Capture Points Icon A
Resupply Icon Vehicle Resupply
Terminals Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Sunderer Terminal

The Old Auraxium Mines, once a significant generator of profit when the war was young, now stands as the proverbial 'last stop' between a hypothetical invading force and the southeastern Warpgate of Indar. This outpost is an extremely valuable chokepoint for the defenders not only because of its proximity to their Warpgate, but also because of it being all but an avenue to Feldspar Canyon and The Stronghold, other key defensive territories for the holders of the Warpgate-- and because of the ease with which it can be defended against numerically superior forces, provided the defenders have at least adequate firepower.

Invaders can be trusted to roll their tanks and Sunderers down the middle corridor of this facility; it would thus be prudent for any garrison hoping to hold out to position squads of soldiers with homing rockets and high-powered weapons on the roofs and at the windows of the structures that comprise this Outpost.

As for what any invading force should be advised to do, the easiest of strategies is to use a mixture of overwhelming numbers and flanking tactics around the structures of the facility, using a well-rounded force of infantry unified by knowledgeable commanders, and the continuous bombardment of any contested areas by aircraft and tanks in order to deny the defenders any opportunity to push out the encroachers.

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