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We are a gaming community that started in BF3. We specialize in NoNonsense and strive to be drama free to maximize our time and fun. We emphasize the word "community" and mean it; we try to support each other in ever way we can. The PlanetSide 2 division is broken down into groups that are run by veteran officers. During the day we run casual platoons but we also run ops sessions at night that are NNG Members only. We communicate during operations through a private TeamSpeak 3 server.


The Current List of Officers are:

Primary platoon leaders: Jaamaw, Discopotato, Hustla, Daredevil, Zeo868, InsaneSeal

Recruitment platoon leaders: PlayDohCan, PhaedoUltido, Half, FredFroggerty

Outfit tacticians: Forsakened, Kuat, Shadoom, Banu, NoBomba, CrazyKillerCat

Inter-outfit relations: Ajax, Deathrus

You should feel free to contact any officer with any questions you may have at our on the site!


We are looking for players who have the ability to listen and follow directions while having fun. We are not focused on K/D Ratio or 1vs1 skills. Instead, we emphasize: Overall teamwork, ability to cooperate with others and skillful players. We desire for our players to be knowledgeable about the game, and offer the help and support necessary to cultivate skilled group players. We we want our member to operate within a team and use our brains rather than our sheer brawn to strike down our enemies.

Join UpEdit

Like what you see? Join a recruitment platoon in game or message Jaamaw on the site! If you do want to join us, know that we take our job at quality control very seriously. Once you submit your official application, community members who have played with you privately comment on it and whether or not they think you'd be a good fit for our community. Don't be intimidated by any means though, we are judging you on the content of your character, not your in game prowess. With that said, we happily accept new players as well and are willing to work with you if you are willing to be a cooperative learner. Trust us, in no time players will be asking you to help them!

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