The New Conglomerate Golden Eagles is a small outfit that was founded back in Beta. Specializing in Galaxy shock-drops and hit-and-run tactics, the NCGE is an infantry-based outfit that continually hits the enemy where it hurts.

New Conglomerate Golden Eagles
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New Conglomerate




About the NCGEEdit

The New Conglomerate Golden Eagles specialize in infantry tactics, occaisonally rolling out in armor columns.

New Conglomerate Golden Eagles Recruitment Video-201:30

New Conglomerate Golden Eagles Recruitment Video-2

How to joinEdit

Applicants looking to join should sign up on the NCGE website and post in the recruitment forum. The only requirements for joining are the use of TeamSpeak. Applicants will be expected to read the NCGE Rules of Conduct, which are located on the forums, and will be subject to them.

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