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Icon Tech Plant
Mao Tech Plant
Mao Tech Plant
Location Indar
Facility Type Tech Plant
Capture Time 7 Minutes
Capture Points Icon A
Dome Shields 2
Generators Icon Vertical ShieldIcon Horizontal Shield
Resupply Icon Aircraft ResupplyIcon Vehicle Resupply
Terminals Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft TerminalIcon Galaxy Terminal
Turrets Icon AVTurretIcon AATurret
Hex Count & % 7Icon Hex2%
Mao Tech Plant Top

Mao Tech Plant is situated in the north-east of Indar. It is relatively close to the northern warpgate, meaning that this Tech Plant is usually under the control of the faction owning the warp gate, providing a strategic advantage. This base is often the resting place of zergs pushing down from Howling Pass Checkpoint, as its proximity to the northern warpgate usually results in large numbers of defenders gathering here.

Attacking from the South is made difficult by Mao Tech Plant's defensible position at the top of a hill edged with steep bluffs.


Defenders have access to underground tunnels that lead into the Tech Plant as well as a building just outside of the tech plant and the curved building near the SCU room.

Defenders will be able to deploy a Sunderer inside the Tech Plant as they are not restricted by a no-deploy zone. This is advisable as it will give quicker access to the control point and provide a spawn location in the event that the SCU is disabled.


Mao Tech Plant features a single control point that located inside the shielded building. To access the control point the shield must be overcome either by destroying both the horizontal and vertical generators, by using a Sunderer equipped with a Gate Shield Diffuser, or by entering through the infantry-accessible entrances in the following locations:

  • 2 ground-level entrances on the side facing the controlling faction spawn location. Suitable for all infantry including MAX units.
  • A balcony located on the side opposite to the controlling faction spawn. Accessible to any infantry dropping from above; especially accessible to Light Assault classes.
  • 2 gaps above the side shields accessible to light assault classes.
  • Energy lifts from the gun deck that entering the Tech Plant near the 2 ground-level entrances.
  • After the SCU is disabled and spawn shields drop, the underground access tunnels allow any faction to enter the tech plant.

The SCU shield will be disabled at the half way point when the capture indicator no longer shows the controlling faction's color and the capturing faction begins to take control. When the SCU is vulnerable attacking forces can still make their way to the control point even if the vertical or horizontal generators are functional by using the SCU room entrance.

Capture TimelineEdit

Time Event
0:00 Control point starts capture
3:30 SCU shield is disabled
3:35 SCU begins overload
4:35 SCU destroyed
7:00 Facility captured

Adjacent FacilitiesEdit

Base Image Location
Mao Watchtower
Mao Watchtower
North-east of the Tech Plant
Mao Southeast Gate
Mao Southeast Gate
South-east of the Tech Plant
Mao Southwest Gate
Mao Southwest Gate
South-west of the Tech Plant




CP067 Planetside 2 Timelapse - Mao Tech Plant03:07

CP067 Planetside 2 Timelapse - Mao Tech Plant

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