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Lightning Skirmisher loadout for the Light Assault troop is designed for fast, maneuverable attack at medium to short range. This loadout is useful for scaling towers and other buildings as well as providing asymetric and flanking attack options through speed and agility. Weapons focus on firing from the hip or close range quick reaction and chaos causing effects.


Keep moving! Always be looking for alternate ways of getting to a target, often by hopping building, roofs, scaffoldings and balconies. When in rooms, try and hover over your enemies and get up on top of objects as to get yourself out of their "usual" line of fire and where they expect to find someone. When flying, be sure to keep your accuracy as flying over others while shooting can be a pretty daunting experience for your aim.

Primary WeaponEdit

Carbine or Shotgun of choice.


  1. Reflex Sight (1x-2x), or
  2. 3.4x Scope


  1. Compensator
  2. Suppressor



Secondary WeaponEdit

Standard issue pistol or upgrade.




Standard Issue melee knife.


Standard Jump Jets at highest certification level.


  1. Adrenaline Pump (Increased sprint speed.)
  2. Advanced Shield Capacitor (Reduces shield charge delay.)


  1. Flash Grenade
  2. Frag Grenade


  1. C4 Remote-Detonated Explosives
  2. Medical Kit

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