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Class Overview Edit

Official PlanetSide 2 Trailer -- Light Infantry03:31

Official PlanetSide 2 Trailer -- Light Infantry

The Light Assault’s extreme mobility is their defining trait and allows them to move faster than most other soldiers. Each one of the Light Assault’s various Jumpjet configurations grants them the ability to take on different obstacles, shifting their role in combat. The Standard Jumpjets allow them to make their way over barriers and enemy’s heads alike. They can also equip more specialized configurations, such as the hovering Glider Jets, to descend on vulnerable ground targets safely and cross chasms otherwise untraversable.

The Light Assault also excels at supporting their empire through their unique class grenades. The blinding Flash grenades can render entire squads helpless and allow for a momentary break in defenses. They also have access to Smoke grenades, which can be used to block sniper alleys and direct the flow of combat. Both of the Light Assault’s class explosives are important in allowing their empire to make the final push in capturing difficult objectives.

In addition to their utility on the field, they also excel at short to medium range combat. The Light Assault is able to choose from a diverse arsenal of various weapon types, including rifles, shotguns, and SMGs. These options allow them to adapt to whatever their environment demands. The best Light Assault soldiers make sure to use their powerful weapons with the element of surprise, disabling enemies before they know what hit them.

Though not as sturdy as other soldiers, the agile Light Assault can do serious damage when flanking enemy squads, taking advantage of both their vast weapon and support options. Whether acting alone to disrupt enemy forces or in a group to finish capturing a facility, the Light Assault is a fearsome presence on the battlefields of Auraxis.

Certifications Edit

Light Assault Certifications
Category Certification Name Levels and Cost
Ability Slot Jump Jets
10Increases fuel capacity 8% and regeneration speed by 12%
50Increases fuel capacity 16% and regeneration speed by 24%
100Increases fuel capacity 24% and regeneration speed by 36%
150Increases fuel capacity 32% and regeneration speed by 48%
500Increases fuel capacity 40% and regeneration speed by 60%
Drifter Jump Jets
50Drifter Jumpjets allow the user to safely glide across long distances for up to 7 seconds.
100Improves the efficiency of the jump jet, increasing the sustained use time to 8 seconds and the charge rate by 28.5%.
150Improves the efficiency of the jump jet; increasing the sustained use time to 10 seconds.
200Improves the efficiency of the jump jet, increasing the sustained use time to 14 seconds and the charge rate by 46%.
500Improves the efficiency of the jump jet; increasing the sustained use time to 28 seconds.
Icarus Jump Jets
50Icarus Jump Jets provide significantly faster vertical thrust and fuel recharge rate at the cost of in-air maneuverability and overall fuel capacity.
100Increases fuel regeneration rate to 12.5% per second.
200Increases fuel regeneration rate to 14% per second.
500Increases fuel regeneration rate to 16.5% per second.
1000Increases fuel regeneration rate to 20% per second.
Suit Slot Adrenaline Pump
30Increases the user's sprint speed by 10% while equipped.
Advanced Shield Capacitor
1When equipped, damage and depleted shields will begin to regenerate .8 seconds sooner than normal
10When equipped, damage and depleted shields will begin to regenerate 1.6 second sooner than normal
30FWhen equipped, damage and depleted shields will begin to regenerate 2.4 seconds sooner than normal
100When equipped, damage and depleted shields will begin to regenerate 3.2 seconds sooner than normal
200When equipped, damage and depleted shields will begin to regenerate 4 seconds sooner than normal
Flak Armor
1Reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions by 10%.
10Reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions by 20%.
50Reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions by 30%.
150Reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions by 40%.
1000Reduces the amount of damage taken from explosions by 50%.
Grenade Bandolier
100Allows 1 additional grenade of any type to be carried.
150Allows 2 additional grenades of any type to be carried.
500Allows 3 additional grenades of any type to be carried.
Nanoweave Armor
1When equipped adds a 7.5% increased resistance to small arms projectiles.
10When equipped adds a 10% increased resistance to small arms projectiles.
50When equipped adds a 12.5% increased resistance to small arms projectiles.
150When equipped adds a 15% increased resistance to small arms projectiles.
1000When equipped adds a 20% increased resistance to small arms projectiles.
Ammunition Belt
11 additional magazine for both weapons
102 additional magazine for both weapons
1003 additional magazine for both weapons
10004 additional magazine for both weapons
Grenade Slot Flash Grenade
200Upon detonation, this Flash grenade will temporarily blind and deafen targets within its blast range, making it perfect for breaching crowded rooms.
Smoke Grenade
200A grenade which produces a large smoke screen capable of providing cover for a short period of time.
Utility Slot C-4 (Explosive)
200C4 Explosives are capable of incredible damage to infantry and vehicles alike.
500Increases maximum C-4 capacity by 1.

Class WeaponsEdit

The following weapons types are available to the Light Assault class:

Class Cert Builds Edit

How to spend your first 520 points:Edit

  • Adrenaline Pump - 30 pts, Increased Sprint speed
  • Jump Jets Level 3 - 160 pts, Significant increase to your jumpjet fuel and regen
  • Carbine : Reflex Sight - 30 pts, Better than default iron sights
  • Carbine : Laser Sight - 100 pts, More accuracy firing from the hip
  • Explosives: C-4 - 200 pts, Because your job is to cause havoc and these cause a lot of it

Additionally, you can spend points on First Aid certifications, like the Med Kit or Restoration Kit. For short range increase in firepower, consider upgrading your weapon to one of your faction's Shotguns.

Special Ability: Jump jetsEdit

Jump Jets allow Light Assault troopers to fly through the air for short periods of time, enabling them to scale or float over terrain. There are three types of jump jets: Standard, Drifter, and Icarus.

Standard jump jets allow you to gain elevation at the cost of fuel. This is the recommended jump jet if you are willing to go up and defend a base frog jumping across buildings, making it an ideal jet for 1v1 combat. They also allow you to slow your descent from an air vehicle, building, or cliff. Jump jet fuel regenerates over time and the capacity and regeneration speed can be increased through certifications.

Drifter jump jets trade the Light Assault's vertical thrust for horizontal thrust, allowing you to glide for much longer at higher speeds. These jump jets are useful when inserting into a base from atop a cliff or building fairly far away, allowing you to greatly slow your descent over a long distance. Drifter jump jets are also useful when jumping out of aircraft that are not directly over the dropzone due to enemy anti-air or hostile aircraft. Drifter jets have minimal vertical thrust, allowing them to be used to mount smaller obstacles and squat buildings given a full tank of fuel and enough time; however, this leaves the jumper exposed the entire time they are boosting to the top.

Icarus Jump Jets are the opposite of the Drifter jets, trading horizontal movement for vertical boosting. With the Icarus, a trooper is able to reach locations that only aircraft tend to frequent, enabling them to survey the battlefield from trees, cliffs, or towers; mount the gun deck of a facility and take down turrets; or in the cases of skilled soldiers, allows one to intercept a low-flying gunship or troop carrier and deliver a payload of explosives normally reserved for tanks. It should be noted that the Icarus jets allow for extreme altitude to be reached, and a careless trooper that uses all of their fuel may find themselves reunited with the ground in a messy way.

Light Assault LoadoutsEdit

Class Strategy Edit


Planetside 2 Light Assault at a Tech Plant-004:30

Planetside 2 Light Assault at a Tech Plant-0

Basic Light Assault Tactics at a Tech Plant

Light Assault infantry are not just the foot soldiers of Planetside 2. They provide the asymmetric advantage to an empire by enabling offensive and defensive options that can quickly turn the tide of a battle. Jump Jets give Light Assault the maneuverability to apply firepower from multiple unexpected directions.

Light Assault's weapons when fully upgraded are very deadly at close to medium range.

Taking on vehicles directly is highly ill-advised without access to C-4 certifications as your primary weapons cannot harm heavily armored tanks. Instead, focus your attacks on other infantry units and taking objectives. If you're hard pressed to attempt to take out a vehicle, ensure you've certified in C-4 and place it carefully.


Use Light Assault's jump jets to gain height and gain visual advantage of a battlefield. Jump to the tops of buildings and towers and crouch down behind objects to remain unseen. From here you can spot/ID enemy players for your empire. You can also use your jump jets to float up to balconies and peek into windows of buildings you are about to assault. Teamed up with an infiltrator, you can coax an enemy player out into the open by taking a few shots into the windows and flying away so that your infiltrator buddy can snipe them from afar as they run out to look for you.


Many base and outpost battles in the game form a semi-dynamic forward line of troops where much of the fighting occurs. Beyond the normal soldier-with-a-gun on the front lines, Light Assault infantry must constantly be used to flank and maneuver around the enemy. By finding an alternate means of attacking a facility, building, or an enemy in cover, you enable greater flexibility for your empire and reduce the options for your enemy.

Don't follow the worn path; make your own! In large groups, Light Assault should look like a swarm of bees closing in on a target. Hop from building to building, through roof entrances and trees. Constantly try to position yourself perpendicular to the line of fire between your empire and the enemy in order to apply pressure on your enemy's flanks. Always be on the move; wreak havoc and confusion throughout the battlefield by jumping onto vehicles and making yourself a very hard target to hit. But be wary, flying around can also make your opponent a very difficult target to hit as well as the jump jets can affect your aim drastically. A useful weapon upgrade to have as Light Assault is the laser dot attachment which allows you to quickly point at targets by following the red dot line without having to zoom-in aim.

Fight the opposition's infantry and always keep moving; stay away from their vehicles if possible. Use your speed to get to the objectives and terminals. Take control of outpost spawn point security terminals. Make sure you bring along an Infiltrator so they can hack into vehicle/equipment terminals and phalanx turrets so your empire can use them along the way. If there are no Infiltrators and you cannot switch classes with a nearby Sunderer around, feel free to shoot the vehicle/equipment terminals to destroy them. One of your Engineers can repair them once the base is taken over.

As you approach shield control generators and spawn control units, consider the current fighting environment. If you've got a large force from your empire right behind you, start the self destruct overload sequence and keep moving. If there's no one around and the outpost seems pretty empty, feel free to jump up on top of an object in the room and stand guard as the overload process counts down.

Airborne RangerEdit

Load up your best friends in a Galaxy and hot drop into the Landing Zone. Use your jumpjets to slow and direct your fall. Watching light assault jump out of a Galaxy not only looks cool, but it is a very effective way to surgically insert firepower into a base to either confront the enemy directly or find an undefended entrance or platform.

No friends? Take to the skies solo during an assault on a base with an ESF. Often times however, when first getting into the game, it may be difficult to catch a ride in a Galaxy to the frontlines. You can select instant action from the map screen, but the dropships give you very little flexibility and control of where and how you are inserted into the fight. Instead, consider hopping into a fighter and doing some damage to the phalanx turrets or vehicles around the base then eject and slow your descent down with your jump jets.

Drifter jump jets are very useful in "gliding" into a dropzone from a galaxy (or a cliff overlooking a base if you are into "base" jumping!) where the airspace above the dropzone is too congested or well-defended. This will keep the galaxy at a safe distance away from anti-aircraft weapons while still allowing you to cover the distance into the base.

Weapon Ribbons and MedalsEdit

With any class, you have the ability to gain Ribbons which will further increase your experience and certifications after completing specific tasks. This list does not include possible vehicle, base capture, or kill/assist related ribbons while playing in a vehicle as that class.


Weapon RibbonsEdit

Ribbon Icon Requirements
Carbine Ribbon
Assault Rifle Ribbon
10 kills.
Explosive Ribbon
Explosive Ribbon
10 kills.
Pistol Ribbon
Pistol Ribbon
10 kills.
Knife Ribbon
Knife Ribbon
10 kills.
Shotgun Ribbon
Shotgun Ribbon
10 kills.
Submachine Gun Ribbon
Submachine Gun Ribbon
10 kills.

See more available ribbons on the Service Ribbons page.


Medal Icon Requirements Certification Rewards
No Medal
Medal Empty
0 kills
Copper Medal
Medal Copper
10 kills Planetside2font-2Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Silver Medal
Medal Silver
60 kills Planetside2font-1Planetside2font-0Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Gold Medal
Medal Gold
160 kills Planetside2font-2Planetside2font-0Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Auraxium Medal
Medal Araxium
1160 kills Planetside2font-2Planetside2font-0Planetside2font-0Icon resource certpoints 25x25

Tutorials/Tips/Gameplay Videos Edit

Strategy and Tactics Edit


Light Assault Guide-Planetside 207:38

Light Assault Guide-Planetside 2

Planetside 2 light assault guide

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