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The Lattice Link is the system that controls which bases can be attacked in Planetside 2. In order to take capture points or destroy generators of an enemy base, a faction must first possess a territory that is connected to the enemy base via the lattice system. If there is no lattice link, the base cannot be captured.

The LatticeEdit

Lattice Example 1
In this image, we see two bases: Vanu Archives, currently owned by the Terran Republic, and Snake Ravine Lookout, currently owned by the Vanu Sovereignty. The faction-colored lines (red and purple, respectively) indicate that these bases are connected to other friendly bases, allowing their resource income to be distributed to that empire's population at each 5-minute interval.

The yellow link between these bases indicates that it is possible to contest them, allowing players to easily recognize where they can attack. Bases which are adjacent, but which are not joined by a lattice link, may not be attacked unless the attacking empire owns one of the bases with a lattice link to the base in question.

Continent Lattice Images Edit

Disconnected BasesEdit

When a base or bases have been disconnected from the main lattice (regions or territories) controlled by an Empire, players are unable to Redeploy into any of those bases. Disconnected region(s) will display up in a darker color of the Empire's color on the Map (default: M). New Conglomerate will be a darker blue, Vanu Sovereignty will be a darker purple, and Terran Republic will be a darker red (as shown below). Players of that Empire must either recapture the disconnected base, or transport Infantry using transport Vehicles, such as a Galaxy or Sunderer, to any of the disconnected bases.


Disconnected Lattice

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