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Koltyr is a tutorial continent, only available to players with a Battle Rank under 15. Having character exceeding BR 15 will lock out any new characters from the continent on current account.

It is a place where newcomers can learn the ropes and get adjusted to Planetside 2's combat system, by fighting other lower-ranked players.

Koltyr is a very small continent but has one of every facility type: Amp Station, Bio Lab and Tech Plant but also features some additional outposts, commonly found on the main continents.

Koltyr was originally available on PS4 only, being added to the PC version on the 23th September 2015

Description Edit

Being depicted as a small continent, the map features only 6 contestable territories, but it has rather constricted when it comes to utilising vehicles. However, because of how it is considered a 'tutorial', combat is slower and less intense than the battles on the larger continents and it is considered to be immune to lockdown even when one faction has complete control over the territories.

This map also excludes the Liberator and the Empires' unique tanks as well as the ability to set up HIVEs which may have been implemented for balancing reasons.

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