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Icon Large OutpostHowling Pass Checkpoint
Howling Pass Checkpoint
Location: Indar
Facility Type: Large Outpost
Capture Time: 7 Minutes
Capture Points: Icon AIcon BIcon C
Shields: 2
Generators: Icon Vehicle Shield
Resupply: Icon Vehicle ResupplyIcon Aircraft Resupply
Terminals: Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft Terminal
Turrets: Icon Spear Anti-Vehicle Phalanx TurretIcon Aspis Anti-Aircraft Phalanx Turret

The Howling Pass Checkpoint is a Large Outpost located at the northeast part of Indar.

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Howling Pass Checkpoint guarded by 2 vehicle shields at both the north and south entrances and steep hills on the east and west. This makes it difficult for infantry to access it by the sides, therefore making the entrances choke points. The vehicle shields are linked to 2 separate Generators, which are located in the towers adjusted to the gates. There is a large Aircraft Resupply pad towering over the centre of the outpost, similar to that of a Tech Plant's. This landing pad is directly linked to the spawn room and the various vehicle Terminals.

3 control points are present in this facility, each located on the buildings scattered around main platform.

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