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Hossin has currently been delayed to Summer of 2014 in order for developers to optimize the games further and focus on the Amerish Revamp first.

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Hossin is a continent originally planned to be released in April 2013. The continent has still not been added as of December 2013. These delays occurred because of the release of the Lattice Link system on all continents as well as the optimization pass on the entire game.

Hossin is a swamp covered continent and will feature the first Interlink Facility. It is quite unique among the other continents who have open plains as well as high sky ceilings for the air game. On Hossin the sky ceiling has been brought down to 800 meters, to emphasise its focus around infantry combat, the bases are scattered and rugged. Making most Main Battle Tanks and even lightning tanks obsolete, light assaults will find the bases to be heaven. As the large presence of trees will make it easier to jump around.

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On Game Update # Hossin was introduced with Lattice already on it.

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