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Hossin is a continent originally planned to be released in April 2013. The continent is online since today (June 26 2014) for every Player on the Live-Servers. These delays occurred because of the release of the Lattice Link system on all continents as well as the optimization pass on the entire game. On June 19, 2014, it was announced at Command Center that Hossin will officially be released on live servers on June 26, 2014. It was stated that Hossin will be incomplete, but with the demand for the new continent higher, as well as a growing demand for Continent Locking and the Resource Revamp, the devs hope to gain more feedback on the continent by releasing the incomplete version.

Hossin is a swamp covered continent. It is quite unique among the other continents who have open plains as well as high sky ceilings for the air game. On Hossin emphasize infantry combat with decreased fog distance, vegetation and trees that obstruct vehicles, and the bases are scattered and rugged. Making most Main Battle Tanks and even lightning tanks more difficult to maneuver, light assaults will find the bases to be heaven as the large presence of trees will make it easier to jump around.

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Hossin Map

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