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A selection of synthetic fiberous cloths, hat and collar favored by the indignous workers of Esamir. 

During the intial stages of the NC's revolt against the terran republic, many of the working class escaped from their designated living quarters and set up illegal settlements amongst the ever shifting ice dunes, living as nomads. The soliders of the republic, ill equipped to locate stragglers and less inclined to chase a few missing workers into the deadly blizzards often wrote them off. In retrospect this was a grave underestimation of the budding new conglomerate. Led and trained by a core of career mercenaries, the NC unleashed a deadly guerrilla confict in which TR were often strung out thin amongst the glaciers and freezing in conventional armor. Alternatively the winter fighters of the NC wore lighter armor with more emphasis on fighting the elements.

The end result was the Terran Republic losing nearly three times as many men to exposure as they did to the NC's efforts.Edit

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