Page Contents Current As of Patch: GU09
  • Universal Certifications: Medical Kit
    • Being a Hacker type you're going to put yourself in combat most times. Having the Medical Kits will quickly replace any health you might lose.
  • Suit Modification: Nanoweave Armor
    • You're in the thick of the enemy, you can survive on one more extra shot.
  • Suit Modification alternative: Flak armor
    • You're in the thick of the enemy, this allows you to survive 1 AP mine that you might accidentally activate.
  • Spec-Ops Tools: recon dart launcher
    • These darts will allow you to see anyone who is near you, this is very useful for ambushing players.
  • Cloaking Devices (special ability, default key is "F"):
  1. Hunter: Default cloaking device, most snipers will take this.
  2. Nano-Armor: 10% damage reduction, and a longer cloak. This is the preferred cloak for hacking.
  • Hacking:
    • You'll want these to complete your hacking job that much faster.
  • Sniper Rifle
    • These won't help you in close combat. Try to avoid using them if you're called upon to hack. Use an SMG.
  • Scout Rifle/Submachine Gun (SMG)
    • A quick firing gun will help even if fired from the hip. Work well when equipped with a suppressor if you are trying to be stealthy.
  • Pistol
  • Attach a suppressor to keep your position a secret.

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