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The [H4TZ] Mad Tea Party is a collection (mine) of gamers (possible addicts) who play a particular style I like to consider casually hard core.

We began as an outfit of two members, myself and teh Mad Hatta.  You may be familiar with the story from #PS2FNO Episode 29.

We are primarily focused on air dominance as at the time of this printing Waterson is under dire air attack from relentless swarms of mossies.


What?  Who said we were organized?  Oh right, people that play with us.  :D  It's only by coincidence though.  The conincidence is that most of our leadership knows what the heck is going on and make good strategic decisions about how to use our platoon resources.


Our ranks are fairly informal, but we do use them as something of a guide for player progression.  In all cases, participation is the fastest way to rank up in the outfit.  And by participation I don't mean you log on and ask for platoon invite.  We covet those who are involved in the community like fine wines.

Dirty Old H4TZ

Three kinds of auraxians01:27

Three kinds of auraxians


A fair number of what we could consider our core players remember a time before cell phones.  Hell, some of our members might remember a time before land lines.  In any event, we are a fairly mature bunch.  But don't think that our age has much effect on our mumblez.

Top H4TZ

These are our platoon leaders.  Players who have demonstrated competence in reading the map, organizing troops and commitment to the community.

High H4TZ

Squad leaders.  Members who have proven their reliablity and certed into the leadership tree.  Must have squad bacon.  Not the Canadian kind.  That's squad beacons to those not familiar with the lingo.  Preferably Mumble.

Hard H4TZ

These are our general members.

Ass H4TZ

N00bs.  You won't be here for long.  Either we move you up or we move you out.  You decide.

Team Coms

At present we use mumblez.  We've tried them all.  We may or may not select something else in the future.  In any event we need some route tracing to do on our current pirate IP.  Allegedly.

TypeFrag Mumble Download

[H4TZ] Mad Tea Party Mumble Info

port: 9747


We run an open platoon as our main recruiting tool.  Due to our spread over a dozen or so time zones, there is nearly always somebody on.  Not always a full platoon, but generally so at peak times for this east coast server.

We have a fine variety of folks with outrageous accents which we have lovingly dubbed the Silly Accent Squad.  It's always a safe bet to get an outfit invite.

[H4TZ] Pwn teh Intertubez

H4TZ Planetside Universe Outfit Stats

H4TZ Planetside Universe Outfit Leaderboard

H4TZ Planetside Intel Outfit Stats


Yes.  To come.  Work in progress this is.  Always.  Investigating recent malicious edits.  If we cannot prevent them, we will remove them.

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