Game Update 05
Date Applied 21 March 2013
Patch Type Game Update
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Game Update Number 4
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Game Update Number 6

Game Update 5 was released March 21, 2013.

Account Level UnlocksEdit

Want to try out a new character? Now is your chance! Items you've purchased with Station Cash will be available to all characters on your account that are eligible to use that item. See our FAQ for details. The change is retroactive to purchases which have been made in the past. Only non-consumable items purchased with SC (not Certifications) are unlocked on the account-level at this point in time. New Items in the Depot

New CosmeticsEdit

Enjoy your weekend with a new 3 Day Resource and Experience Boost! New Helmets have been added for the Infiltrator and Light Assault Classes!

  • VS: Protos Helmet
  • TR: Bravo MHS Helmet
  • NC: GD Titan 113 Helmet

Certification Notification ImprovementsEdit

The certification indicator should now count up with an animation. The screen time for the “You’ve received certifications” notification has been increased for greater visibility.

Client stability improvementsEdit

Server performance improvements have been made to improve overall gameplay experience. Grenades shoud no longer get stuck on the screen. Weapon attachments that were not able to be equipped in the loadout UI should now be available. Added tooltip for VR button on Warpgate. Flash turbo sound effect should now be working as intended.

Known IssueEdit

Some attachments which were purchased in the last week and unable to be equipped will not be available. We are collecting information on all affected parties and granting those items back within a couple days. Please stand by if you have been affected and we’ll notify you when it’s been completed. Thanks!

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