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Friday Night Ops (FNO) was a PlanetSide 2 webcast hosted by Margaret "Luperza" Krohn. It took place every Friday.

The webcast was all about the PlanetSide 2 community. The developers turned things around on the players and would interview them, learning about their outfits and play styles. You also got sneak peeks into the minds of various developers on the team as well as Content Sessions that showcased internal builds and their progression on new items, continents, etc.

If you're a hardcore PlanetSide 2 fan, it was the webcast to watch.

Other Useful Information Edit

Have some feedback on the show? Post here

Want to know how you can be a part of the show? Go here

For video/screenshot segments on Command Center every second Thursday of the month: Email SOE at with the title, "Command Center: <Insert Name>". For videos, send an attachment of the video, not a YouTube link, please.

Past Episodes Edit

You can find all the past episodes here!

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